Wednesday, April 12, 2017


Grandfather told me this, People think I became a healer overnight, but what they do not know is the suffering and pain one must endure on this lonely road.-Gianni Crow 4.9.17

Eric Rick Darby 's words: "One must go through diversity to strip away what does not serve them and break open your heart so you may heal and become the healer...
All my relations....
May you be blessed..."

First Nation man. artist unknown.

True Power

There is much confusion by many on what power truly is. Grandson remember the words that I am going to speak to you, and teach them to the next generation.

Many believe that power can be bought, sold, or traded. Many believe that being powerful is to be the strongest in number, or the greatest warrior. Some believe that being powerful is being the leader of others, or to have influence over others wills and beliefs.

True power is all around us, yet many do not recognize, or honor it. Power is held within the brilliance of grandfather sun, whose light shines endlessly. Power is within grandmother moon who influences the cycles of the ocean, all females, and the fertility of mother earth. It is the whispering mystery of a gentle breeze. The crashing sounds of the thunder beings as they create rain. It is the remembering and honoring of all our relations, and walking the red road.

True power is the heartbeat that connects all of us on mother earth past, present, and future. It is found in our prayers, visions, and in the dreamtime. These are the true powers that many men choose not to speak of.

-Gianni Crow

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