Monday, April 10, 2017

States of Awareness

A real powerful woman wrapped in cloth is an Earth and water mixture of a force arising from a nature beholden to her Creator. It is not the cloth. It is the attempt to contain that is the elixir... - Dawn Wolf 12.19.16 

Men need sacred understanding to see how sacred stories can exist within their manhood. But, first of all they need sacred stories to inspire themselves into better men with insight into what is sacred about being a man. What are the glimpses? Here are four glimpses into Sacred Manhood:


The presence of beautiful women, and the beauty of women often inspire thoughts of marriage, of permanence because men need these three elements: beauty, union and purpose. There is a difference between beauty and beautiful. What it is, is perception, or deception depending upon the intent of a man's heart. Many times a woman inspires the deeper things within her to arise to spur the deep words within men to strive beyond lust into matrimony for one good reason: permanence.

It is a wonderful dance, attraction. Working towards the goal of merging, beauty attracts purpose to the union between a woman's allure and a man's susceptibility.


A real powerful woman wrapped in cloth is an Earth and water mixture of a force arising from a nature beholden to her Creator. It is not the cloth. It is the attempt to contain that is the elixir. It is not that she is contained, but is still long enough to insure her memory will have a lasting life inside of the men most affected by who she is in the power of truths known to her.

Her attraction is in the story. The story is in Creation and Creation is the story told by seed and womb merging in a sacred way. For a young boy to know these experiences are bound to happen to him he needs a clue to inform him at such time of what is expected of him. He cannot know everything, but knowing such a thing will come his way in life is a happy anticipation. My father told me. I told my son, and I have memories of how two mysterious women changed my life without a word as one did and the other with barely a word.  


Gentle love from gentle emotions moved by gentleness makes for a gentle touch. The question: "How do you love?" is the genesis of merging with another and the way a gentle woman would ask a man about the gentleness of his spirit, and how he is connected to such gentleness. "Is not a man to be hard?"  


Here is a riddle of existence: "If one can chase a thousand and two can chase ten thousand; what man has a chance against twins with concentrated wills focused upon one man?" It is a question of integrity, a question to the might of the warrior and the question to one's manhood, his word and his woman."

Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories

S'il y a un sale passage après la mort, ce doit être l'entrée du musée de Montpellier. Invité pour une lecture, cueilli à la gare, conduit dans une chambre d'hôtel dont les hautes boiseries sombres semblent sculptées au couteau comme ces horloges suisses...

Unbelievable. Soft texture to hair, to eye, tone and the care in her expression pulls good sense out of a decision. The intelligence it takes to be a woman adds a purpose to the gift of beauty. Dawn Wolf,12.20.16

The intelligence it is required of women to be a lady far exceeds the expectation of immediate gratification, and quick fixes. It is a far cry from the standard appeal of a Marilyn Monroe's approach to men that didn't seem to notice there were three men with hard-on's for her dressed up like women. It is hard to fathom how a woman recommends to herself that a man can be a women when a man cannot capture the essence of a woman. Not recognizing the subtleness of the essence expresses a level of disregard within her that did not pay attention to what was essential to her own mother.

Enter in at this point a measurement of disdain. - Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories Dec. 19, 2016

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