Friday, April 28, 2017

Shut The Front Door!

2 women from New Zealand.

Kiowa girls, 1890.

Gibson Sunny, a pleasant enough woman it seems, said, "Guess what I just made for Dump Trump?
A batch of shut the fucupcakes!"

It is a mean thing for anybody to say to each other, but the president of your country? I winced first hearing it, but I don't object on the grounds that people react to the spirit people put out and Donald Affront made a specific point to be clear about his disregard for women disavowing any commitment to their well-being. Political differences are political differences, but embodying the very evil your country is known and feared for, and has been ashamed of without regard for the ripple affect across the globe of your presidential actions is a different matter when the president of your country demonstrates continually his disregard for law, procedure, diplomacy, knowledge, tact and care.

Women matter in every way possible despite the exclusion they endure. Every war is in conflict with women, and each war women are against is promptly dismissed as poppycock by warmongers and profiteers. It is disrespectful the way men are subtly trained to tune women out. We are never aware of the tendency until a woman or two has had enough, complained enough about it, and had a fit of rage, which we tremble before!

On the national front I believe the insult President Bush gave the white mother protesting the Iraqi invasion by dismissing her saying (and I am paraphrasing) the government would not listen to the words of a grieving mother told the national truth. I believe he spoke for millions of men. Now, this leads me to the question upper most in my mind right now:

"What is harder for a man to shut out of his head: his conscience, or a woman's mouth?"

Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories
Feb. 10, 2017

Tonkawa, member of what once was a plains nomadic tribe in Texas and Oklahoma - 1898

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