Monday, April 10, 2017

What Are We Responsible For?

Today's Black American woman is not seeing what her ancestors saw, envisioned or expressed as oppressed women for their daughters. The shallowness of too many will mark their futures with what? As Elders in this subject of heart and field of study what are we responsible for?

This is essentially the question of the ages youth have the right to ask and demand if no answer, or solution is forthcoming in their  lives!

Ultimately, this is a universal question sent to manhood. As it is taught men are not responsible for women's outcomes, protection or projections into the world(s). It is a sad truth women suffer in their bodies and men push away from themselves.

Our responsibility is the language of multiples from the simple equation. Our responsibility, as men, is to grow from truth, grow to be able to embody the reconciliation of forces originating from good heart, good intentions and disciplined minds and spirits. Without these things how do women live freely and what distinguishes a boy from a man or a brute from a Sacred Man?

~ Dawn Wolf, Keeper of Stories
May 9, 2016

"a beautiful white woman is the challenge to how Black women are perceived as women. The variants of hue matter not against the magnitude of what is believed about white women, and ..." - Dawn Wolf, Keeper of Stories April 11, 2016


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