Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Reconstruct the relationship of self to society.

Paris Hilton, 35, wearing a semi-sheer, pink and black sequined mini dress in London profiling in shades. (2016)

"Reality stars have made an indelible impression upon fertile minds, and stale mindsets. We feel like rustled children, those of us who have any sense about ourselves, in front of television sets as news shows capture and incorporate that juvenile feeling into the mechanisms of reporting what is happening in the world. In a country people fear, and look up to making sure they are not next on our target list, we come across as fools on the international stage because we are unable to connect the dots to our moral contradictions and ingratitude. We have enviable things and ways of life people like to be a part of; but the moral integrity we believe we have is mistaken, by most Americans invested in being white and above all of Nature, and others, makes us good when in fact our fundamental story is no more than a history of murder.

Our national anthem is our lie to our souls. Our pledge of allegiance needs to be believed in to support the national myth, and worshiped as well as sung at every ball game, and the start of every school day. I hated it in school. When I was eight years old I announced to my mother I would no longer pledge allegiance to the flag. I couldn't speak as well as I do now, but I conveyed, as best I could, the conflict of the words against being Indian I felt within the context of the pledge, the stories told in history and government class clash against truths. I felt the lie, and being raised not to lie, singing a lie tormented my young mind; so I stopped and never sang the song again and have never pledged to the American flag since. Only one person offended by my stance voiced his objection: a retired general.

Bill was an old man in my Rotary club. In fact, I was the youngest member at the time, in what was one of the smallest Rotary clubs in Rotary. Rotary is a club founded over a hundred years ago for white business men with a common interest to serve their communities and the world-at-large. Since white women sued and won in court women's presence and the international groups of Rotary have expanded, keeping their numbers high despite the decrease of interest in helping others, that is a part of the make up of young Americans. . ."

The rest of the story will be in my upcoming book. But, if you want to understand how such a subject can evolve place yourself in a place to be shattered by the dynamics of racial politics with an intent to become who you were meant to be, not as one approved by white people, but as divinity dictates.

Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories
April 25, 2017

flag & Jessica Alicia Bertrand by Curtis Noble on 4th of July

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