Thursday, January 26, 2017

A Woman Telling a Story!

What gets under my skin more than anything is people not living.

I spent sometime in the Kootneys this last week, and bless the Kootneys but I was talking with somebody about someone changing careers and they said, "If I was them I would just lie down, take it and work for another 10 years even if I hated... it to retire." Every molecule in my being detested those words. It makes my hackles raise and my mouth froth resent.You guys--I hate when people don't. live.

What's not living?

Doing the movements--the degree/the debt, the office job, the pension, the mortgage, waking up everyday hating a job you have to work to support the house you didn't really want to buy and the degree you didn't really use for the pension you'll never use because you'll get a dis-ease from your miserability and die before you can enjoy it.

Our generation is blessed with living in a world where we can do whatever the hell we want--we can pull jobs out of our a******* and throw pasta on walls. We live in a cool time--are you aware of what we can do, what you can do? How some of my friends left their 9-5's and started their own business and are absolutely killing it is not extraordinary to me.

I don't think I or they are special. I think too many people lay down in a life they don't love and go, "well, I guess I'm here so... **** it, I'll just stay."

No **** we are a bunch of black out weekly alcoholics. No ****we are addicted to Netflix so we can check out of real life. No **** we get depressed because we feel it is hopeless and there's no point.
The thing that gets the most under my skin is walking around the world and seeing people who have stopped living. I see them on buses and in restaurants and walking on the street and it ******* devastates me. It's ******* miserable. It's a club 70% of our world has prescribed to. I went to shake them and light a fire in their eyes.

You must quit the life you hate to start living. I don't mean brush your teeth, eat, make money, spend money, sleep either.

Start living. -JR (Jan. 11, 2017)

JR at her leisure in somewhere U.S. of 'I do whatever the hell I wanna do!' (Jan. 2017)

Who ever JR is I bet JR is a woman. The cadence of her speech. Anyway, I subscribe to living. It is much easier to live than be someone else waiting for something else for what you don't know is going to happen for you in the long ago from now (retirement)

When JR referred to our generation was she talking about the Baby Boomers? I think JR was because the likelihood of freedom in life would come from that era, not this one. A lot of it has to do with the Baby Boomers. Our generation, for the most part became ex-hippies who found family, career and the fast track. Later the adventurer overtook the complacency of 9 to 5 and off many went unable to resist the voices within their head saying go here, go there, do this, do that before you wrinkle, grow old, and die unfulfilled! From our status, or point of view how do we help this young generation? They picked up our contradictions and applied them alongside the crazy shifts of inconsistencies we modeled for them.

Anyway, enough of that. I assume the good looking woman at her leisure is JR! I am going out to my back deck wrapped up in my large white blanket and smoke a good pipe. My cats will come out to sit with me from their warm places I built for them and we will share some good moments. - Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories

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