Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Qui est vous? Who are you?

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"A people without the knowledge of their past, origin and culture are like a tree with no roots." are the words from an Irish person who places emphasis upon being Republican and proud. It is a universal message, a universal truth, a statement logic would decree as a norm. But, knowing who one is is not as common as it once was in older times.

Across the landscape of cultures there were dreams and from the dreams came visions and the visions sought consciously were the simple return to what we knew coming into this world. Vision quests in the traditions that sought them are a returning to a place of knowing from a place one forgot themselves in the social context of their people.

"Who are your people?" is a question my father would ask of people. It is an old question, an important one that is a non-intrusive way of connecting relationships. Without the guide post the griot in West African cultures, and the historian in modern Europe and the United States or the recollections of the storytelling responsibilities held by particular family members so charged with this responsibility families and individuals would not have access to their spiritual and physical lineages.

Popular in American society are the cults of disenfranchised young people without well structured foundations floundering about waving banners supporting what is momentarily trending online. Groundless they express themselves pitifully, from an Elder's view, as Suicide Girls, Gothic chicks, occultists, lesbians, atheists, or join motorcycle 'clubs' heavily influenced by the moodiness of Jimi Dean. I could go on with the examples, but if you are a citizen of most countries you get the gist of my observation.

Older women are increasingly becoming less powerful seeking ways to remain younger and essential outside of the context of the depth of middle age and the powers inherent within the maturing process meant for women. It is a sad state of being. If women are retarding their maturation process towards the Old Wise Woman status, and men are stunting their growth through addictions and incarceration what hope do young people have of ascension into the higher realms of being? Further exploring this tenet of our national ideology what hope has the nation? The level of maturity and the depth of commitment to the higher purpose of serving define and secure the status of being a global force upon the Earth. The tired methodology that served the white man's quest to dominate the world today has the reverse effect upon consciousness.

Unaware of the higher realms of being and the consequences of evil white Americans are pushing an agenda inscribed in death sentences, and death knolls are taking the place of songs of deliverance. In the fear-based quest to remain atop of the world men like Donald Trump are feeding off of the bowels of their being. Feared as a white man, a rich white man many Black Americans are poised to vote for him. So deeply is the devotion to self-inflicted wounds, and submission to dark energies millions across the nation are voting against their best interests. They aren't thinking. They are not strong enough to see into the deep, and they are afraid of not being part of the group that appears stronger than any other upon the face of the Earth.

Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories

Make American Great Again. What a profound indictment in four words!

news paper story of whites killing Blacks in 1898

Madison Washington was an enslaved cook who instigated a slave revolt November 1841 aboard the brig Creole.

Motorcycle gang,

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