Saturday, January 21, 2017


... even his detractors will come to miss him when they discover within them what they have done letting the lowest denomination of a white man become president because of race. When race mattered is when it was clear. It is not clear the core of Trump and the whys around him except for one thing: he made it clear exactly what he would do, why and how to some extent. . . One thing the ignorant man is incapable of is being a mystery.

Blacklash is the cultural phenomenon of white American's aversion to their naked truths when a Black woman, or man excels where it was expected he would fail according to the scientific data of racism, race, and the superiority of the whites. The blacklash occurs out of rage when the predictable happens and the Black person exceeds the high standards creating another standard above the assumptions white supremacy holds sacred. In the case of President Obama the blacklash is Donald Trump.

Many do not believe it. It does not matter. The pattern is set. It is old, and predictable. This time the outcome is unfolding as too demonstrative to be confined to a neighborhood, or a company. It affects the world in a way not seen for a long while. This time we may have to see all the cracks of a system of belief unfold in the corridors of American powers in the economic and military terrains. This time shooting one's self in the foot will be the undermining of a country; this one. - Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories 12/29/16

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