Friday, January 27, 2017

IN the Depth of Her LIFE!

Carmen Dell'Orefice in the 2005 Red Dress Collection for The Heart Truth

Carmen Dell’Orefice, an American model, 83, was at the Kensington museum
to launch Horst. Photographer of Style in 2014.

Carmen Dell'Orefice seated composed at Christmas lunch 2016 II Buco NYC.

Inspired by Carmen Dell'Orefice's life force Sandra Elizabeth Della Chiara  said, "God has blessed you with beauty and health. You are a truly unique woman. I am happy that you share your life as we can see that life does not stop at 50 for women and that we can look forward to many more years of feeling and looking beautiful. Thank you for sharing insights into how to make that happen, you are a role model to many including myself." [Jan. 12, 2017]

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