Tuesday, January 31, 2017


walking out making a point.

Its Womb Cleansing Time Sistahs!.....

All that hoeing you did in 2016, while in hibernation these past two seasons lol…. It’s time to clean house. All those blockages and toxins. Along with Her just in the midst of the New Moon Phase, Spring Equinox is approaching. As Free And Wild Women, it is a must that we restore our energies, and our Ph. Heal and clean our wombs to restore energy. You off balance?.... Are u doing your Yoni Mudras?....have you been demonstrating your kegels?......have you tuned in to your Root Chakra?...

Let’s build on that. Bless…." ~ Yahminraah Spiritualtemptress‎ [Jan. 30, 2017]

Womb cleansed.

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