Saturday, January 7, 2017

8 Miles from home...

Nan Province Thailand

"I have had an adventurous life. I want to travel to Thailand to be still in the spaces there."
Dawn Wolf, Keeper of Stories

Nan Province in Thailand

Tucked under the Laotian border in Thailand’s extreme north, Nan Province has a long history of independent or semi-autonomous rule based on its remoteness more than anything else. Even now this isolated, rural expanse doesn’t quite get the same amount of tourist trade as other regions in Thailand. But traveler accommodations are increasing, and visitors are generously rewarded with vistas of forested mountains, sublimely beautiful temples, and gloriously green countryside such as this.

Thong National Park Thailand

Sacha & Jmayel El-Haj are Professional Photographers/Videographers from the UK who travel the length and breath of Thailand with their dog. They have been together since the tender age of 16 and married in June 2011 in the Moroccan Desert. This is the link to their page.

These two young people made a decision the civilization we live in and benefit from should be made by more and more young people. They made a decision "to live a life unknown. Where their successes would be gauged by happiness gained and experiences shared." It would jar the sensibilities of American life out of its myopic gaze into a swirling vortex of pure pleasure, powerful enlightenment meant for the possibility to live deeply and as Jesus said, "more abundantly." - Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories Jan. 7, 2017

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