Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Grandfather Speaking to the Protectors

1930's a Negro boy tied to a pick axe in a forced labor camp in Texas.

There is an image of Rosa Brighid by Carl Grim naked wearing chain mail balancing a sword upon the ground with her left hand delicately holding the sword's hilt I discovered amongst the photographs of her online portfolios. It is unlike any image of conquest. Here is a story to tell and reflect upon for the child and the adult on both sides of the old stories of British rule.

I am silent about it, but I am the least enamored of Britain and Britain's royalty. They are still the conquering horde from across the pond, unrepentant, and situated in a bizarre angle of popularity as if they did not alter the balances of countries and cultures the world wide and worse of all began to tilt the planet's balance off center with their beliefs and ideologies and practices! People either have short memories or are fundamentally terrified into a permanent illusion that the British are now bedfellows who did not come into our worlds and do all of these things disrupting all the balances!

Talented models Carla Monaco, Natasha James, Tillie Feather, Tanya Atherton, and Rosa Brighid are amongst women making their marks in the world of fashion from Britain. I respect talent and hard work ethics and in particular I pay attention to women's endeavors in the fields they venture into because they struggle harder in most respects because their struggle is against the tides and designs men have left for them to overcome, or submit to. Unable to undo these barriers on a global scale today's men are responsible for removing those barriers not in the world-at-large, but from within themselves. But, it is difficult given the ways we have been taught to see ourselves and the world from the European perspective. From the many meanings of what those perspectives are the layers of illusion are surmountable. Get that into the thinking about how the British set up a poisonous legacy that undermined and took away identity from the people today enamored by the British and others of us who have been involved in the task of unlearning, and the ceremonial work of recapitulation.

Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories
Creek Indian-African man
Jan. 16, 2017 

Rosa Brighid by Carl Grim naked wearing chain mail. (2016)

Arrow Photography London

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