Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Insights into Together.

Tunnel. Tunnel vision.

"Many times, you believe your tunnel view of your mate is all there is to see. Your tunnel - shaped by your complacency, expectations, and disappointments - may even be somewhat accurate. But it will also ALWAYS be extremely limited. Not until you dare to dismantle your tunnel can you even begin to see who your mate ACTUALLY is. Intimacy takes down the tunnel; love gives you vision where there was once only sight." ~ Eden Adele, Jan. 15, 2017


Drifting apart angry at and with each other...

"One of the most destructive intimate relationship problems is how most judge themselves by their intentions, but judge their mates by their behavior. We only want to be responsible for what we meant, but we hold our mates responsible for what they do. That's why people who make decisions based primarily on emotion are unstable, irrational and chaotic partners. Emotions don't have to make sense. Stop letting them think for you." - Eden Adele

2 dangers in the truth.

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