Tuesday, January 17, 2017

About an Offensive, Odious man.

This is some of what needs to be said, "Trump listen. Black people speak. White people hear. Black people tell it like it ti is!" - Dawn Wolf, Keeper of Stories

"Just saw a video by the rapper T.I discussing MLK III, Steve Harvey, Ray Lewis and Kanye West meeting with Mr. Trump. I'm still not sure how people can be mad at them for meeting with Trump as if Dr Martin Luther King Jr wouldn't have met with him. Dr King met with a President who used the "n" word in public and got legislation pushed through such as the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Voting Rights Act in 1965. Dr King didn't let his personal feelings get in the way of the bigger picture." - Roosevelt Mitchell III jan. 16, 2017

Roosevelt, your words make me pause and reconsider some things. One thing I will ask is where did all of this activity hide when political activism was needed most? I stand away from Black peoples' backlash because it is selective, asleep mostly. It is fear based in a parallel fashion the whites on the opposite end of the spectrum are reacting from a set of fears! - Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories

Michele Robinson I don't care that they met with him. They have an agenda, and you work with whom you must to advocate. My issue is that all of a sudden they are cuckoo for coco puffs about him. Now he is the best thing since sliced bread to them. They have forgotten what he has said and done over a charming meeting.

He didn't meet with leaders of this community, he met with people who have a following. He insulted men who ARE our leaders, most recently John Lewis.

He can meet with Flavor Flav if he wants, not my issue, but if Flav comes out singing his praises despite everything that man has said against us (as Harvey has done), that is where I call Bullshit!

When he has a meeting with John Lewis and apologies to him for his insensitive and ignorant remarks instead of creating situations for a photo op, then maybe.
Funny thing, all these meetings Trump is having, I yet to see him go on camera with any of them to do a Q&A for the press. Trumps tweets and hides. Is this even remotely presidential? I think not. Is he going to tweet his inaugural address as well?

Michele Robinson Exactly. And also, why isn't he meeting with real leaders? He won't do press conferences, and when he does, he chooses questions he wants to answer, deflects, or calls the news network fake news. He is a coward because he has a LOT of skeletons.

Gregory E. Woods Lydia Sadler you funny, but insightful!

Muaath Al-Khattab I agree that there shouldn't be a negative perception of people for simply meeting with Trump. He will be the president and if you can make a positive impact for getting something for black people, by all means, do it. I just think it's disingenuous and pretty lame to invite entertainers instead of economists or experts like Dr. Claud Anderson, or Michelle Alexander or You, Mr Mitchell.

Gregory E. Woods Yeah, you are right. He can't reach the strong men, the strong women. Anyone who will dwarf him and take up the room with greatness and authenticity is too much of an intact for a man like Trump. Character without integrity is a character.

Corine Austin Regardless, January 20th he takes over as Commander in Chief! He is rude, arrogant, boisterous and vile! We must deal with that or be completely out the picture! It would be total ignorance on our part to be excluded from the dealings of our country! If anyone doesnt see this as a matter of fact, shame on them! Again, this is our country!!

Muaath Al-Khattab Agreed. MLK met with LBJ.

Corine Austin And made it do what it do!! Gotta be smart when dealing with wickedness.

Muaath Al-Khattab Exactly!

Michele Robinson Again, for me, meeting with him isn't the issue. Meeting with him and then becoming his biggest advocate after you spoke so hard against him is disingenuous. Meeting with him because you want to push your agenda regarding inner city youth, I am ok with, it needs to be done. But when you now try to convince people he is a "great guy", despite all the evidence to the contrary, there is where I lose respect!

Corine Austin I agree. Trump is vile! Will say and do whatever. He is not to be trusted!! But, cant be overlooked.

Corine Austin, anyone who has been in the wild places knows the forest holds many secrets, some danger and surprises. You learn where to place your feet and how to stay alive. In this scenario we have to look back and examine how our grandparents and further back dealt with uneducated ingnit rednecks, crackers and peckerwoods, learn and create new and better strategies for these times and this president. That element of our society has been the bane of our existence. Although, the general white population decries Trump and now seem to want his kind to go away he can't go away. He is the reflection of what has been the bane of our existence. They denied the evidence of his true essence until he won the presidency and now wrestling with themselves have no clarity and cannot see themselves clear of the contradictions plaguing us, now plaguing them because the chickens came home to roost! - Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories

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