Monday, January 16, 2017

Jesus is the Way?

Indigenous People Of America,

All of US native American Indians can become a successful human being! I am from the tribes of the Shoshone / Paiute of Southern California. We are very intelligent and inventive, we have so much natural talent and our minds are an amazing tool If we choose ! so why WHY do so many of our people of the native nationalities allow themselves to be given over to alcohol and drugs and self pity then they die a lonely heart wrenching death! I gotta say that hurts me so bad it's hard to understand that someone's son or daughter is lying in gutter dying and no one seems to care! 

American Indians MATTER! I am soo thankful that before I was born a fearless Preacher found his way to the Tehachapi mountains and told my grandfather about the precious love of Jesus for the Indians and my grandpa was saved by God's amazing grace and not only him and my grandma but a lot of my aunts and uncles were saved! Through the generations the children of those Indians have chosen the love of Jesus Christ and have accepted Him as my Lord and King !! I will tell you it's the best decision I have made! Christ is the ONLY answer for the Indian Nation. I will be praying for Bro and sisters of the American Indian Nation. Love you so much! Jeannie.

Lyle Budlong

I am of the Absaroka, the Muskogee, and the West African peoples. I have lived this life the whole of my life as an Indian, an African and walked the Red Road first from birth and later the Jesus Road for many years learning deep things applicable to both, and later for the betterment of my Medicines.

The question I want to ask this brother comes from our tradition of not trying to disrespect a person's walk. I want to understand how Jesus is the only answer for the Indian nations? We had our own Red Road, our own walk with the Creator. Were not the teachings of Jesus and the tool of the missionaries Jesus to undermine our way of life taking our lands, customs and teachings away from us? How a taker becomes a savior is beyond me, far outside reasonable!

These are my words. I am Alowan Chanteh Inyan Wichasha
(Dawn Wolf), Keeper of Stories 1/15/17

bead work - concentric circles of Life, time & memory.
artist unknown. sorry.

"The fall of light is not a descent it is an arousal of substances that make up the composition of dark creating colors and light." - Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories

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